Personal Privacy Laws and Your Small Business

As part of running a business, your company collects a lot of details about you. Some of it could be sensitive personal information that is a distinct kind of data that is given additional protection under privacy laws. The laws differ from one country to country, as do the types of data that are considered to be personal information.

Sensitive data is defined differently by different privacy laws, but it is typically comprised of genetic information and ethnic or racial origin sexual orientation, gender identity, as well as religious beliefs. It can also be the address of a person’s residence or phone number, or even a social security number. It can even include biometric information like fingerprints or an electronic signature.

It is essential that companies are aware of the laws that govern personal data, as they vary by region and industry. Most of these laws require that you outline and acknowledge your policies as part of your business practices.

It is a good idea to make a list of all the personal data that your business holds. This will allow you to ensure that you’re in compliance. This means you’ll need to look beyond the files in your filing cabinets and also the information stored on mobile devices, laptops home computers USB flash drives or digital copiers. You’ll be shocked by how much personal information your company holds.

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