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With its 2 380 000 Km, its 1.237 Km of coasts giving on the Mediterranean sea, the surface of its desert is 1 million and half square km, Algeria is a huge country rich in natural and climatic contrasts. Algeria offers a magical landscape where reflect the civilizations of Middle East, Africa and the rest of Mediterranean, through various vestiges (rock drawings, mausoleums, Roman cities, Arabian cities, modern architecture).

Real earth of hospitality, Algeria, of by its exceptional, very soft climate, a past rich of hitstory, a hospitable and generous population distinguishing itself by its centennial kindness, attract every year the travelers who are looking for a haven of peace, of a corner where the silence, rest, beauty are not advertising signs, but a reality.

Zéralda, bathing city, 20 minutes of the International airport of Algiers" Houari Boumediene ", and 15 kilometers of the Algiers capital with its white building offers you all ingredients of a real exoticism whish its tourist complex constructs by the famous architect Pouillon during the 70th. that shelters a real hotel floret, where the Mazafran witch after its renovation latest 2000, found an appreciable standing of a 3+ stars. It offers from its terraces and landscaping a magnificent view on the azure.

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